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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Green Bunny: December Daily Album

Looking for a holiday project? (I know, I know...it's still pumpkin season, but hear me out). This one is so much fun and it is a wonderful way to capture those 'moments'. Years down the road, your family will really enjoy looking back at these books! It is one of the more time-consuming projects that I do and you will get the most out of it if you create your foundation early and simply fill in the details in December.
I used a pre-bound chipboard album and created the cover art.
Two years ago, I saw this project on Ali Edwards' blog. I instantly loved the idea and got to work prepping my album. I created all the blank layouts in November so I could simply fill in the photos and journaling as life happened in December. (Of course, there were some changes as 'life' happened. Had to rearrange some pages to make room for all the snow!...more on that later.) This is really a project you can build however you choose. I have seen many variations over the years: Some people do every day of the month including New Years Eve, some only include 25 days. Some create a mini album while others include a couple of days on one 12x12 page and put several of those in a regular album for that year in their chronological family albums. There are no rules...get creative!

I love to scrapbook the everyday 'stuff' that is usually long forgotten after a month, but is really the essence of what makes us FAMILY. The holidays are special time of year, especially with young children in the house, and I wanted to capture our traditions and everyday life in that moment.

Had to include Logan's first hot chocolate!
Logan's birthday party info. I stitched down the center of this page protector using my ghetto pre-1960s machine for a different size entry. The Little Green Men cupcakes were a lot of fun!
Family tradition: Starbucks & lights at a local golf course that goes all out! Tried to vary pages as I went. This background is simply red felt. I liked it because it added a thickness and different dimension than paper. I stitched across the bottom of the photos (made to look like mini polaroids) to adhere them to the felt.
Another divided page...Gingerbread men and sledding!
I knew it would be a lot of work and maybe difficult to keep up, but I was determined! Little did I know that December 2008 would be a record-breaking, snow-in situation in the Pacific Northwest. We had two weeks straight of snowfall. For those of you who don't know the Pacific Northwest...that NEVER happens. Most winters we don't even see snow. Alas, we were housebound with cabin fever with all our holiday events cancelled for most of December.
For this page, I photoshopped the words straight onto the picture (the white snow made for a perfect background) and printed it on vellum. Next, I secured the printout over patterned paper using spray adhesive.
I included the 'day' whenever I could. I enjoyed the 'hunt' of finding several variations of numbers in my stash to keep it fresh!
My write-up about the unusual season on an ordinary brown paper bag. Just cut it down and ran it straight through my printer.

So, the album did not turn out as planned, but that is part of what I love about it! Now, I will always remember that wild winter.
Oh yeah...here is one more reason I'll always remember that particular winter!
I didn't make a December Daily album for 2009. Partly because the 'uneventful' 2008 turned me off slightly (even though I now LOVE the memories within that album) and partly because Carter was only 5 months old and I hadn't quite gotten back into the swing of scrappin'. I plan to make one this year and will post an update when I start to build it...

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