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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kids' Silhouette Display Gift Idea

The original example from kaboose.com.

My finished product for Mom.  I added metal sticker embellishments to look like flowers in their hair, in coordinating colors.
Looking for an easy, affordable Christmas craft?  These would work for any holiday; I made them for my mom for her birthday and she loved them.  Getting their silhouettes was easy!  Turn on a movie they really like and stand off to the side to photograph their little faces  while they watch.  The website gives tips for the sizes the photos should be.  I finished these in 20 minutes during lunch time, start to finish.  Shopping was easy too--I found the plates at Target for $2.99 each and got cardstock and metal stickers from the local scrapbook store.  Happy crafting!

Full instructions here:

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