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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Running Stuff

Took this picture while running a 10k in Orting a couple weeks ago--lovely!
In October I did a post called "The "Run"downabout my demented desire to run in the Boston Marathon to celebrate my 30th birthday.  (I thought this was a unique idea, but Doug came home one day and told me there's a whole chapter of a book called Stuff White People Like about women turning thirty, with little to no running experience, and big dreams of running in Boston.  He thought this was hilarious.)  Here's an abbreviated update: Training's going well, right on track to run my first full marathon in June, haven't given up the Boston dream yet.

Doug's a biker.  (Or perhaps bicyclist is more accurate if your mind conjured up images of him on a Harley.)  I used to give him a hard time about all the stuff needed to be a proper bicyclist--the pedals, the shoes, the clothes, helmet, bike computer to track miles, etc.  Running, I felt, must be superior, more pure, because all you need to do is throw on your shoes and run out the door.  No stuff!  Just running!  (Reminds me of Mel Gibson in What Women Want--no games, just sports.)

That was .... BEFORE.  Before I found RoadRunner Sports in Kent.  Before I got my Nike+ IPod Kit and heart rate monitor.  Before I started reading books written by other runners about all the ways I could improve and enhance my running experience (Marathoning For Mortals and Brain Training For Runners).  That's right--I needed stuff!! 

My two new favorite acquisitions:
6 inch Pro-Tec Athletics Foam Roller ($24.99)
I have IT band issues (knee/hip pain) that have plagued me towards the end and after my long runs.  I thought about making a doctor's appointment, but instead I went to the chiropractor for a neck issue and mentioned my training and IT pain...he's a miracle worker.  (Dr. Thompson in Auburn--go see him!!)  He showed me the proper stretches and strengthening exercises, and introduced me to this foam roller, which helps release tight muscles.  Pain gone!  Great stuff.

Nathan Sensor Pocket for Nike+ Sensor ($8.99)
This little gadget is designed so you can use your Nike+ sensor with your non-Nike favorite shoes.  I've been using Velcro to secure my sensor to my Asics, but I was thrilled to find this product--no more peeling off sticky Velcro backing so I can switch from Asics to Nikes.  YAY FOR STUFF!

I also thought I'd share some music stuff.  Who doesn't need fresh ideas for their workout playlist?  Lindsay mentioned this jam yesterday, but she introduced me to it and it deserves another shoutout: Bruno Mars' "Runaway Baby" is my current favorite running song.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.  Another random addition is the French rap from the series finale of Sex And The City by MC Solaar "La Belle Et Le Bad Boy".  If you're a fan of the show you'll recognize it.  When it cues up on my Nano, I picture Carrie running breathlessly through Paris, trying to make it to her party on time, and Miranda simultaneously telling Big to 'go get our girl'.  Run Carrie run!!!

Glad I got to share my new stuff with you!  What's the workout stuff you can't live without??

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