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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How Gross Is it?

So, we've all been the NEW MOMMY who is insanely obsessive about the hands/items/animals touching our teeny little bundle of joy. The crisp, clean linens, the sanitized bottles, the scrubbed tables, the toys that have been sprayed with Lysol ten times in one hour. The hand sanitizer police in full-effect! Then, with time (and more kids), we start to shrug our shoulders a bit. Maybe it's a learning process, maybe it's pure exhaustion just trying to keep up, maybe it's SURVIVAL!

Eh...the binky hit the floor and the kid is screaming and I NEED these groceries.
Eh...the blankie is being dragged across the daycare floor and I don't have time to wash it before nap.
Eh...the table didn't get wiped between meals and I spy a smear of crusty ketchup being mixed with new goldfish.
Eh...the dog is french kissing the toddler, but I'm up to my elbows in the baby's poopy diaper.
Eh...three kids just licked my son's lollipop.
Eh...my little guy is eating dirt for the umpteenth time, but I physically can't bring myself to stop him ONE MORE TIME.

Let's face it: it is nearly impossible to keep everything spic and span with kids in the house. There are things we just have to let go. I'm not saying there aren't freak-out-worthy moments to be had...poop in the tub still grosses me out! So, when is it ok to shrug our shoulders and when should we be concerned?

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  1. Emma is a notorious toddler licker. LOL GROSS!
    XO Sarah