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Thursday, May 26, 2011

101 Things To Do...

...in your life together!

Target's Club Wedd recently posted this list on Facebook and I thought it was awesome. A nice little reminder to do something out of the ordinary once in a while with the love of your life.
  1. Build a fort in your living room
  2. Watch a black & white movie marathon
  3. Do a home improvement project with your neighbor
  4. Build a tree house in your backyard
  5. Watch a meteor shower
  6. Perform a duet in a record store
  7. Play a practical joke on your partner
  8. Make your own artisan cheese
  9. Have a spa day at home
  10. Have a food fight
  11. Camp out for a concert
  12. Walk everywhere for one day
  13. Play a game of flag football
  14. Throw a black tie dinner for two
  15. Apply Feng Shui to your house
  16. Perfect your guacamole-making skills
  17. Mix your own signature cocktail
  18. Make a mix CD for each other
  19. Get lost on purpose
  20. Map your family tree
  21. Take dance lessons
  22. Write a note to your future grandchildren
  23. Go backyard bird watching
  24. Kidnap him for a play date in the park
  25. Go skydiving
  26. Go on a health kick together
  27. Book a trip and travel on the same day
  28. Karaoke while you cook
  29. Cook everything from A to Z
  30. Pretend to film a cooking show in your kitchen
  31. Pick her up in a limo on a Tuesday
  32. Paint a ceiling in your house to resemble a famous mural
  33. Camp out close to home
  34. Treat her to breakfast in bed
  35. Do something touristy in your hometown
  36. Go skinny dipping
  37. Surprise her with a clean house
  38. Bury a time capsule in your backyard
  39. Spend a week at sea
  40. Set a world record in something
  41. Learn 3 guitar chords and play a song
  42. Spend a night in a haunted house together
  43. Swim in the ocean with a large fish
  44. Take her out for a date in your living room
  45. Teach her how to build a fire
  46. Cook something that you've grown with your own two hands
  47. Brew your own wine or beer
  48. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  49. Build a house of cards and then run through it
  50. Build something that will outlast you both
  51. Take an extended nap in a mattress store
  52. Have a pillow fight
  53. Send handwritten notes to each other
  54. Get your palms read
  55. Volunteer at a soup kitchen over a holiday
  56. Eat every dinner at the table for a week
  57. Throw a dart at a map and eat a meal from that country
  58. Fly a kite
  59. Go white water rafting
  60. Test drive a car you'll never be able to afford
  61. Climb to the top of a mountain and yodel
  62. Go bowling
  63. Get tattoos
  64. Learn how to surf together
  65. Cook breakfast for dinner
  66. Make your own pasta from scratch
  67. Donate blood together
  68. Learn a new language together
  69. Host a croquet tournament in your backyard
  70. Make a movie together
  71. Watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day
  72. Send a message in a bottle
  73. Watch 26 movies in 26 days starting with each letter of the alphabet
  74. Plan a poker party
  75. Throw a party because its Tuesday
  76. Dress up for Halloween when it is not Halloween
  77. Carve your names into a tree
  78. Take a road trip
  79. Cultivate a bonsai tree
  80. Go jogging in your pj's
  81. Learn how to throw a knuckle ball
  82. Go for a ride on a scary roller coaster
  83. Build a giant snow fort
  84. Pay for the next person in a drive thru
  85. Go on a 24-hour cleanse
  86. Bake cupcakes and give them to a neighbor
  87. Put the iPod on shuffle and dance all night long
  88. Cook a 5-star dinner in the great outdoors
  89. Take a cooking class together
  90. Go to the top of the tallest building in your city
  91. Go out dressed 80's style
  92. Play a game of H.O.R.S.E.
  93. Switch sides of the bed
  94. Take part in a rally for something you believe in
  95. Put on a puppet show
  96. Volunteer at an animal shelter
  97. Plant an herb or vegetable garden
  98. Build a birdhouse
  99. Put together a giant jigsaw puzzle
  100. Paint each other's self-portrait
  101. Do yoga on the beach
    Dan and I have done 58 of these in our 13 years together. How many can you check off the list?

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