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Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Mother's Day! (just another day in The Mutha-Hood)

Happy Mother's Day Weekend, readers!  (Hope you all enjoy Anita Renfroe as much as we do :)

Recently I wrote an essay as part of a Green River scholarship application; I ran into some perplexing questions.  I was at a loss, really, as to how to explain my work experience or academic achievement, so here's how I introduced myself (tongue firmly-in-cheek, of course):
"For the past five years I’ve held the position of Chief Executive Officer of a small, successful-though-chaotic enterprise. My responsibilities include but are not limited to: budget allocation and record-keeping, maintenance, meal preparation, buyer (of everything), efficiency expert, health and personal safety advisor (including personal hygiene), and transportation of precious cargo. I am on-call 24 hours a day. In exchange, I receive zero compensation. I get zero days off per year, and (BONUS!) also get zero vacation or sick days."
Then I included an interview I did with the girls about Mommy going back to school:
Here’s what my charges have to say about me:

Q: Would you say that Mommy’s a hard worker?
A: “Yes, when you get home from the gym, you’re always really sweaty!!”

Q: What would be good about Mommy going back to school?
A: “You really need to learn about Jesus, and makeup, and Easter egg hunts….”

Q: Would Mommy be a good nurse?
A: “Yes! You’re great at checking us out with the doctor’s kit!” … “But don’t give any kids shots Mom!”
They crack me up.  Being a mom is hard work.  It's also hilarious, and that's part of the reason we started this blog in the first place--to celebrate the hilarity of motherhood.  Try interviewing your kids today with some questions about you, your time with them, your profession, the world...we'd love to hear their responses.

Check out South Sound Macaroni Kid (one of our favorite sites!) for a list of events going on this weekend in the area.  Enjoy your celebrations, Mommies!

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  1. Every year for father's day I help the kids make a book about Josh, had not thought of having them make one about me! love it.