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Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall TV Lineup...Our Picks!

Fall TV...Wahoo! (FINALLY)
And the award for 'MOST EXCITED ABOUT' goes to:
GLEE Tuesday @ 8 on FOX

Before we start, I think we'd both like to say:

Lindsay's Picks:
How I Met Your Mother Monday @ 8 on CBS
Neil Patrick Harris, need I say more? He is fabulous and hilarious and the rest of the cast is also great. Already in its sixth season, Follow Ted as he tells his kids how he met the love of his life through flashbacks.

Raising Hope Tuesday @ 9 on FOX
NEW: Hoping this comedy about a young, single father sticks. Looks promising. Love Martha Plimpton (you recognize her from Goonies & the movie Parenthood, for anyone my age)

Running Wilde Tuesday @ 9:30 on FOX
NEW: Happy to see Keri Russell back on TV. Will Arnett cracks me up. He was on the totally hilarious canceled-for-no-good-reason show some of you may remember called Arrested Development. Married to actress-comedian Amy Poehler. Can't imagine what it must be like living in their house!

Big Bang Theory Thursday @ 8 on CBS
If you are not watching this show, start immediately! Dan and I LOVE this one. It is fun & quirky!

Fringe Thursday @ 9 on FOX
Watch it...watch it...watch it! Joshua Jackson (Pacey, for Dawson's fans!), LOST producers, and a branch of the FBI that deals with mysterious deaths. Not for the squeamish, but a great drama with sci-fi elements (which is not my normal TV viewing choice). Starting the third season.

Who Do You Think You Are? Friday @ 8 on NBC
I have always had an interest in historical stories about family roots. This show is produced by Lisa Kudrow and follows celebrities as they find out where they came from...or 'who they are'. This show aired about 6 episodes last spring and is starting a new round this Fall. Completely interesting!

Sarah's Picks:
Chuck Monday @ 8 on NBC
Doug and I love Chuck!  Never seen it?  Brief overview: Chuck Bartowski is a man who wears many hats: a tech geek at the Buy More, video game enthusiast, and NSA agent/international man of mystery.  (A surprising number of criminals hatch their evil schemes in Chuck's hometown of Burbank, CA.) 

The Middle Wednesday @ 8 on ABC
Love to see a normal, messy, middle class family on primetime TV.  As far as I'm concerned, anything with Patricia Heaton is a winner. 

Cougar Town Wednesday @ 9:30 on ABC
YES!  I'm excited about this one.  Monica...oops, I mean Courteney Cox, is hilarious as Jules.  Her romance with Grayson is smokin' and the jokes are so funny, belly-laugh city.  Bonus: Rachel, oops, I mean Jennifer Aniston, is guest starring this season as Jules' shrink!  Friends reunion!!  (Too many exclamation points usually drive me crazy but in this case it's warranted.)  !!!

& of course NBC's entire Thursday night comedy lineup:

Community @ 8
Doug and I's pick for laugh-out-loud comedy.  There's nothing not to like about this show.  It's a great cast, Chevy Chase and Ken Jeong are awesomely inappropriate.  Joel McHale is the dark horse of sexy primetime leading men--his abs and penchant for finding excuses to remove articles of clothing, his dry sense of humor, his witty banter with his costars... it's all very, very good.  And Betty White guest stars this season!

30 Rock @ 8:30
Alec Baldwin is my older-man crush (well, him and Tom Selleck... it's a close tie).  Anyway, Baldwin and Tina Fey have great chemistry; last season's finale with Matt Damon, as Liz's love interest Carol, was top notch and he's back for Season 5!  Super funny, lots of pop-culture and industry references that some folks won't get (a little like Gilmore Girls) which makes it even more comical. 

The Office @ 9
The last season!  What are we going to do without Michael Scott?  (That's what she said.)  Can't wait to see how they wrap it up.  (Or maybe that's what she said.)

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