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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Green Bunny: Boy or Girl?

The day before Carter's 20-week ultrasound, I was headed downstairs in my favorite blue maternity shirt from the Gap to take my 20-week belly pic. I was wondering whether the little peanut in my belly was a boy or a girl...the anticipation was killing me. Then, I realized I also had this shirt in pink (I tend to buy the same shirt in multiple colors when I find one I like). Decided it was a fantastic photo opp waiting to happen. I took one pic in the blue shirt...changed into the pink shirt...and took a pic facing the other direction. Then, I photoshopped the two pictures together to get this layout:

I posted the pic on Facebook the day we went to the doctor to let all our friends know it was almost time! This layout currently resides in Carter's baby book.


  1. Very cute! I remember when you posted this on FB! Speaking of Photoshop, have you taken any classes on how to use it? I just got Adobe CS5 and I'm learning how to use Photoshop to edit my pictures. I'm looking for classes/tutorials to learn more. Any info you can provide would be appreciated! Thanks, Lindsay!

  2. @ Abbey: I am self taught and use online tutorials and Photoshop Help a lot. I have often wished that I could take a class...just haven't gotten around to it yet. I'll keep ya posted if I come across any great sites. I typically google exactly what I want to do and find a blog or something that explains how to do it.