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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Population 3,175: Vampires 8.5

Jealous much that we live in Washington and can roadtrip to FORKS whenever we need to be dazzled? I bet! Check out our silly little adventure (complete with our 'I (heart) sparkly vampires' shirts):

Such a fun day with Sarah and our friend, Krista!

The Twilight franchise has changed this little town so much! The Chamber of Commerce has a map and asks visitors to place a pin where they live. The only place in the world that they have not had a visitor from is Greenland. SERIOUSLY! When we were there, there were people visiting from Australia. Imagine planning a trip to Forks, WA from Australia.

Most of the landmarks in Forks are based on the 'book locations' as the movies were filmed mainly in Oregon and Vancouver BC. Anyhow, the town has embraced the fans and plays along with signs, maps, and Twilight merchandise everywhere.

On our way to La Push.
A local hotel sign.
Bella Italia in Port Angeles.
We visited the Forks welcome sign, Bella's house, Forks High School, Forks Community Hospital, The Sheriff's Office, Bella's truck, the Cullen house, the treaty line, First & Third Beach in La Push, took a beautiful (slightly unplanned) hike, looked for Edward in the trees, and headed to Bella Italia in Port Angeles for some mushroom ravioli!

Enjoying our 'Edward's Hugs & Kisses' ice cream.
In the Dazzled By Twilight store
The Swan House
The Cullen House complete with a note on the porch from Esme.
If you're a fan and can't physically make it to Forks, visit Dazzled by Twilight (the exclusive Twilight store in Forks and Port Angeles) or peruse the Forks Chamber of Commerce site here. If you want even more insight on this little town, watch the documentary Twilight in Forks.

Thanks for the memories, Forks. Won't soon be forgotten by any of us!

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