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Monday, September 13, 2010

Summer to Fall

I used to be a person who didn't really enjoy summer because I don't care for those HOT, HOT days. In the last couple of years, a few things have changed in that department...

Without question, Fall is still my favorite season. However, with two very energetic little boys who LOVE being outside, I have learned to love the sunny summer days (air conditioning helps too). There is just something about chubby little arms in a blue baby pool and running barefoot in the grass that makes me smile.

A summertime moment.
As we encounter the changing seasons:

I will gladly put the sunscreen away in favor of fuzzy fall hats,
I will order a few caramel apple ciders instead of my 'usual' at Starbucks,
I will bake snickerdoodles,
I will enjoy snuggly Sunday football with my boys,
I will watch two little men run through the pumpkin patch,
I will make stew,
I will make Logan some Super Scoopers,
I will enjoy every moment!

What are your family's favorite Fall traditions?


  1. I can't wait to try Super Scoopers! XO Sarah

  2. We love the pumpkin patch too! And driving thru the mountains to see all the leaves changing colors. We will be heading up there next weekend! - Amy

  3. I like the Super Scoopers. I may need some too!

  4. @ Dan...I'll make you some too, dear. Fully intended to since you are just a bigger version of our boys, you big kid!