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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Green Bunny: George Monkey

Logan was obsessed with "George Monkey" (as he is called in our house) and we were lucky that this exhibit came to the Seattle Children's Museum! What a fun memory.

A little digital work happening here. Changed the large photo from color to B&W, then colored the hat yellow using Photoshop Elements and added the yellow journaling. (Logan loves George, but there is just something about that yellow hat. He used to chant those words anytime the show was on. He practically attacked this sign at the museum.)

CREATIVE TIP: The small calendar at the bottom of the layout (see below) was a clear plastic sticker. I wanted to circle the exact date that we visited the museum, but my markers were smearing on the plastic (tried on the outer edge of the sticker sheet first...GOOD thing!) I typed my journaling into word and measured the strip to line up with the calendar dates. Then, I saved some room on the left margin and punched a circle with a regular hole punch. Glued the strip on the page and...voila! Now the date stands out and it was a creative little fix at the same time!

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