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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Green Bunny: December Daily - Update

Here we are...11 days until Christmas and the 'halfway' point of my December Daily album. I'm including the pages I have finished so far. You may notice (if you paid a lot of attention to the 'getting started' post or if you go back and compare) that some pages have changed. That's why I love this project. It changes as you go. I start with my foundation and then I get to that day and I have a picture I want to use and realize I don't like the layout or the color scheme or it's just not gonna fit...

That's what's fun about it: It doesn't have to be PERFECT! Don't stress if you don't do a lot one day or if the album doesn't feel like it's coming together. This project is all about the complete album and the memories of the season as a whole. No one is expected to do something 'Christmasy' every day in December.

Day 1: Not the greatest start to December...we all had doctor appointments and felt blah. I added a strip of cardstock so I could write about the day and included a pic of the goodies we picked up at Target while getting our prescriptions...always a silver lining!

Day 2: Still under the weather, a simple Christmas fort was the only exciting moment of the day.

Day 3: There is always a story with the Santa picture, right? I added a vellum overlay so I could keep the picture large. (The oops of the day...I originally forgot Day 3 in the album and had to rearrange some things.)

Day 4: I originally made this a two-page spread because I knew it was the day of Logan's party. It happened to be a page with a tab, so I added alpha stickers to spell 'super', the theme of his party.

Day 6: This is the acrylic 4x4. I decided to make the picture 4x4 as well and added an explanation with alpha stickers.

Day 8: "Trim up the tree with Christmas stuff like bingle balls and Who foo fluff!" Here's a secret: We put up our tree at the end of November, but I felt it deserved a day in the album. See? Anything goes.

Day 9: I saved this little knit envelope from a Starbucks gift card a couple years ago knowing I would use it on SOMETHING...I glued it down and inserted a small note about the boys this Christmas.

Day 10: This is one of the Heidi Swapp transparencies. Got some adorable hats for the boys on this day. Enlarged the picture of Carter and just added a small holiday phrase 'joy to the world' sticker right on the transparency.

Day 12: The gingerbread train...Carter was so annoyed in this pictured because he just wanted to TOUCH THAT TRAIN, but that's all part of the experience, right?

Day 13: I haven't finished this page yet, but decided to list some of the current local & national news stories.

Plans for the second half of December: letters to Santa, our Starbucks & Christmas lights tradition, Logan's preschool program, wrapping presents, opening stockings, and more! Maybe one more post when it's complete?

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