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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Soap Sliver & the Toilet Seat

LITERALLY...that's what I'm writing about today. Coming at ya from the bathroom (not literally) with some non-Christmassy items in the form of a household peeve and a fantastic buy.

My husband has a weird habit...
Whenever the bar of soap goes just past the two-thirds-finished mark, he is compelled to open a new bar. However, he is NOT a wasteful person, mind you.

The small sliver stays.

And who do you think is responsible for finishing it? Me! Oh wait, it gets better, I get the lovely duty of finishing it because I am 'little'.

I never get to use a new bar because I am constantly finishing the sliver. GRRR! This may sound silly to you...you are probably a person who gets to use a large bar of soap! (I do realize I could use the big bar and throw the little one away, but I am not wasteful either.) So, it is what it is...just thought I'd share one of those little idiosyncrasies in our house.

AND now for the the toilet seat that has changed our lives :)

(Price: Anywhere from $30-50)

Another option:
(Price: around $50)

This thing is awesome. It has a smaller toilet seat that sticks magnetically to the toilet lid. You just pull it down and, suddenly, a toilet fit for a small child. I highly recommend this for any family with small bootys running about. Logan has been potty trained for nine months and this seat saved our small downstairs guest bathroom from the portable potty chair that took up a lot of space far earlier than I expected. Logan loves that he has a smaller seat within the toilet lid. And, it isn't only for potty-training. Just helps the little guys to not fall in!

PS: I've actually used it on accident before and felt pleasantly surprised (and carried that feeling around all day) that my booty was 'small' enough to use it.


  1. Linz- I too have that wonderful potty seat...but that double hinge thing that holds all the seats and lid together is a pain in the a** to clean! My boys don't have perfect aim, (all 3 of them), so the pee gets all crusty on it! No fun! I hope your boys have better aim! =) And you should hide all the new bars of soap until the sliver is gone! =)

  2. @ Amy: I haven't had trouble cleaning it yet and we've had it a while...something to look forward to? And, thanks for the advice on hiding the soap. You are a genius!

  3. @Amy: I taught Logan that he can use a square of TP to aim at in the toilet. He seemed to like that concept.

    @Linz: Sorry. If you hide the soap, I will use your shampoo or stop using soap all together! :)