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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bunny Handprints

CONFESSION...I totally and completely stole this idea from my friend, Melanie. She is an amazing mommy and always has the cutest ideas :)

The only thing I had to buy was the googly eyes (which I usually have, but I think we used them all on crafts last Halloween). I got a small pack at Target for $1.99. You can probably find them cheaper at a craft store, but I was there with both kids in tow and decided $1.99 suited me just fine!

I started with 8.5x11 Kraft cardstock and ran it through my printer to get their names. I used the Digs My Hart font from kevinandamanda.com. She has a great blog and offers free font downloads!

Then, I painted the boys' palms and only their pointer and ring fingers and pressed them down on the paper:

Once they dried, I added the eyes and whiskers. Melanie used what looked like pink puffy paint for the nose, but I happened to have the adorable little fuzzy pink brads. I gave them a colored cardstock background and added a matching ribbon and that's it. So easy and SO cute.

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