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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Holly's Big Girl Bedroom Makeover

Our baby is growing up so fast!!  In March, on a whim, we moved Holly from a room on the west side of the house into the room that was formerly Doug's man cave.  The walls went from chocolate brown to bright purple (her favorite color, we assume, since any time you ask her what color something is, she says, "Purple!").  Since she's still in a toddler bed, I was having trouble deciding between a quilt or blankets; I found a crib/toddler bed sized duvet insert at Ikea but was disappointed with the homely-looking choices for duvet covers.  I found one I liked on Etsy but it was too pricey and the wrong size for the insert I purchased. 

This is the crib duvet cover from Etsy that inspired me to ask Doug's mom if she could design something similar for us. 

Doug's mom is a quilting aficionado and agreed to sew one for us if I found fabric I liked (which only took one very exciting trip to the fabric store).  It's lovely--she did an amazing job and said it was a pretty quick project.  If you know someone with a knack for sewing, I think a custom duvet cover is a terrific, low-cost way to spruce up a kid's room.

Holly's duvet fabric is from Carriage Country Quilts in Des Moines, WA.  It SPARKLES!!  Can you tell how much it sparkles?!

Ikea Crib Comforter (Duvet Insert) ($15.00) -- 49" by 43" (larger than the average crib quilt, standard size being 43" by 29")

Doug bought the combination primer/paint for the walls and it covered great, in two coats.  The metallic, shimmery silver paint also needed two coats to avoid looking streaky.  The shimmery silver paint looks great with her sparkly duvet. :)  Thanks to my wonderful husband for doing ALL the painting (and masking, clean-up, etc.). 

Paint by Martha Stewart Living Precious Metals in Tin (ceiling) and Glidden in Orchid Blush (walls).

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