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Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Laundry Situation

Laundry for five is a daunting task.  Humorous really.  The sheer volume of it--absolutely laughable.  The hamper is always full.  Even if I can get it all washed and folded, it usually sits upstairs in stacks for a couple weeks without getting put away. 

Anyway, this is our normal laundry load that accumulates in two or three days (that's right, childless-readers--this is TWO DAYS of laundry).  I've definitely spotted a trend in the past year.  Notice anything?  Giant pile of towels.  Giant pile of the girls' clothing.  Nice sized stack of Doug's stuff.  All the kitchen dish towels and washies.  Then, see the teeny-weeny pile at the end of the bottom picture?  Yep, that's mine.  And that's the size of my pile every time I do laundry.  Socks and undies and usually running clothes, that's it.  I've minimized the amount of my own clothing that gets thrown in the wash, because I cannot fathom adding to this clean-clothes-catastrophe. 

Is it just me?  We mommies are, by nature, a self-sacrificing bunch.  I have noticed myself making sure the kids have the best, the most, of things around here: fresh berries (I eat one but make sure their bowls are brimming), choice T.V. privileges in the morning (can't remember the last time I caught The View), a heavy influence on the dinner menu (this one's Doug too--his list of "I Won't Eat That" is as long as the kids' is).  If you watch The Middle, they recently addressed this plight of mothers/parents everywhere.

Totally hilarious.  BEEN THERE.  Maybe you don't share my laundry plight, but are there times you find yourself catering to the kids when you should really be catering to yourself? 


  1. commenting on your "quote of the week" (though your post is awesome and I can relate to all of it) Husband and I say that all the time "It's Moo" LOL! I love it!

  2. I totally relate to your berries comment!