"Friendship is born at the moment when one person says to another, 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one'."

Monday, August 9, 2010


So, why blog?

We often find ourselves having the same conversation over and over: we sometimes feel replaceable and taken for granted. We are COOK, MAID, NANNY, PERSONAL SHOPPER, HUMAN CALENDAR...but who are we really, as women? It's so easy to lose ourselves in the tedious stay-at-home-mommy routine. So we are blogging to remind ourselves that we are creative and capable, sometimes funny, always honest, resourceful, and passionate. We blog about what tickles our feathers and ignites our joie de vivre.

Sometimes we catch little glimpses of each other in what could be referred to as 'our natural habitat'. On our rare child-free nights, we probably appear (to the clueless outsider who doesn't know we have five children between us) like animals suddenly set free at the zoo with a wild, frenzied gleam in our eyes. Recently, while traveling to Bermuda, we were three sheets to the wind (What? --We can't let down our hair once every five years??) in an elevator with a group of very unamused-looking 50-somethings who were clearly under the impression that they were looking at a pair of obnoxious teenagers. We quickly shared our secret. They looked incredulous and, surely reminded of their own days with young children at home, agreed that we deserve to be three sheets to the wind, thank you very much. We caught winks from them in passing for the remainder of the cruise.

I digress. We are hoping this blog will serve as a creative escape in a world where the idea of having time to apply make-up is like a tale of fiction rather than a reality. We strive every day to continue learning about ourselves, our marriages, our kids, our dreams, the world…as we navigate through these early childhood years (whether we are loving the current 'moment' or struggling through until the magical hour called 'bedtime'). Sometimes our posts will be from tired, war-weary mommies covered in dinner and clueless as to when we last showered. And sometimes, our posts will be from a slightly more carefree perspective.

We intend to share our ideas on baking, scrapbook design, crafting, exercising, gardening, struggles, precious moments...We hope this entertains you and we can't wait to be entertained by you and your blogs or comments. Thanks for sharing a little piece of your day with us!

Here's where we're coming from in very yin/yangy (custard & beef trifle) kind of way:

  • Scheduled vs. spontaneous
  • Midwest vs. Northwest perspectives
  • Raising boys vs. raising girls
  • Super short vs. super tall :)
  • Appreciation of rain vs. love of sun
  • Generation X vs. Generation Y
  • Hostess and organizer
  • Introvert and extrovert
  • Differing religious views
  • And therefore, sometimes differing parenting styles
And, while we're introducing ourselves, here are a few things we LOVE:
All things Twilight and the twi-mom phenomenon, reading, Friends, Glee, Starbucks, chocolate, wine...

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