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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Green Bunny: This Summer You...

Logan last summer...
I had a huge pile of single pics of Logan from various situations. I was inspired to create something that captured his personality at that very moment (the summer my only child became a big brother) so I decided to use them all in one layout:

In an effort to fit more photos than usual on one page, I cropped them down to 2.5x5 (love the look of this size on the layout!). These were already printed so I had to chose ones that would work without losing the subject of the photo. I was really happy with the outcome because I felt like it ended up being a well-rounded look at the little man in that moment. Each photo corresponds with one line of journaling.


This summer you:
Sprained your ankle
Hung at the lake
Became addicted to PB&Js
Started using tools
Asked me to take your picture...ALOT
Fell in love with T Rex
Became a big brother.

I used my Cricut for the title. One more note: I LOVE the background patterned paper (Basic Grey Euphoria: Felicity). Having all boys, I very rarely get to use anything 'girly'. I have been trying to incorporate some of the papers I love without layouts looking too feminine. It's just a little way I try to challenge myself.

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