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Monday, August 23, 2010

Five Favorites [Boy Shoes]

So, I am currently checking out my shoe shopping/BUYING! options for both boys. With Logan starting preschool and Carter starting to walk, they are both in need of a little foot love. Here are some of my favs:

Disclaimer: Some may think spending upwards of $20 on shoes (boys' shoes nonetheless) is crazy. Here's what I think. Most of my boys' shoes come from Target for under $20 (usually under $15). But, I do feel it is worth it to purchase one, better-quality pair every once in a while. And, what better time than with a new walker and a new preschooler?

Seriously. How cute are these? I have purchased See Kai Run a couple times and have never been disappointed.
Price: $40.00
May be a good transitional shoe for Carter...
Price: 29.95

Oh the WHITE! White makes me soooo happy, but I can never buy white with three men in the house. Still worth admiring for those of you who may be braver than moi. I bet they clean pretty easily.
Price: $34.65

I love these. Logan loves green. A shoe in? (HA!)
Price: $27.00

May be a tad sturdier for Logan man?

I'll keep you posted on the final decision :)

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