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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Burn Notice: Five Favorites [Oven Mits]

I just burned myself while cooking for the fourth time in two weeks, the inconvenient result of always being in a hurry.  My arms look like a culinary war zone.  Here are two of the more impressive marks (the top one is actually a burn on top of a burn).

I have a couple of crusty, scratchy, burned-up old oven mits that really need chucked, sounds like a great excuse to go [online] shopping.  (Who needs an excuse??)  Anyway, I thought it was a great opportunity to check out the latest advances in burn preventing kitchen-wear.  I perused several different retailers websites and here's my five favorite:

Gotta love Crate and Barrel.  They'd go great with the cobalt blue wall in my kitchen.
Price: $10.95

Heat-resistant to 600 degrees!  Machine washable and stain- and steam-resistant, too.
Price: $19.95
Extra long to protect the forearm and heat-resistant to 425 degrees.
Price: $19.95

Non-slip grip and flame-resistant.  Also, great reviews from people who have purchased it.
Price: $15.99

Machine washable and oh-so-darling.  Not the most heat-proof of the bunch, but man they'd look great in my kitchen...
Price: $12.00 each piece

In the end, fabulous will probably win over functional.  I can't resist pretty baubles from Anthropologie.

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