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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Green Bunny Art: 10 Wonderful Years

Green Bunny Art? What's that, you ask?

I have been dreaming of starting a business for a long time. The goal is to design custom scrapbooks and create various other projects from home while still being a mommy. This dream is currently on the back burner until my boys are older, but I am taking baby steps now. I have named my company...Green Bunny Art (Yay!) More on the story behind the name in a future post! I plan to share some designs, receive feedback, and maybe (fingers crossed) start to grow my business. All posts featuring my work will start with "Green Bunny". Here's the first of many. Thought I'd start with a little history of our family since you are still getting to know me:

10 Wonderful Years...Made this layout after our 10-years-together milestone (will be 12 years next month). SO much fun to sort through pics to find one from each amazing year.

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