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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Green Bunny: 6x12 Layouts

This is something I discovered while pregnant with Carter. DRUMROLL PLEASE...various page protector sizes! I adore the 6x12 page protectors by American Crafts. You can check out all the sizes they offer here. It just gives a totally new perspective and such a great contrast to the other pages in a 12x12 album. I have been experimenting with using all different sized page protectors in one D-ring, 12x12 album (album of choice also by American Crafts) and am loving the result. Promise to show more examples in a future post. (We R Memory Keepers also offers a wide variety of page protector sizes.)

Here are two 6x12's from Carter's baby book:

Layout 1: Baby Carter, you are loved!

(Funny side note about the belly photo...I took that with a 10-second timer and the tripod. I can't even imagine how funny I must have looked waddling over to the bed to get in place within 10 seconds! This was quite the afternoon workout at 8 months along.)

Layout 2: Carter's Playlist - Songs I loved when you were in my belly!

I got the idea for this layout from Ali Edwards, my scrapbooking inspiration. She is an amazing artist. Her work consistently sparks my creative mind into action. In the scrapbooking world, we call it 'scraplifting'. If you are interested in scrapbooking, I definitely recommend checking out her blog!


  1. I think your belly looks totally relaxed for someone that was racing a 10 second timer :) XOXO Sarah