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Monday, October 25, 2010

Green Bunny: Scrap Room Tour

Here's a look inside my scrap room...
I am very lucky to have a whole room dedicated to my work. I have joked with my husband that the real reason we are done having kids is because I won't ever give up this room! It is the fourth (& smallest) bedroom in our house. I have come up with some great ways to keep inspired and organized in a small space:

The layouts on display are hanging on a simple IKEA curtain rod using page protectors and curtain clips.
The flat scanner on the right side of the table is 12x17. I am able to scan complete layouts without having to stitch them in Photoshop. (Thank you husband!) And...say hello to my cat, Molly!

I centered this table in the room so I can work from either side. It gives me more wall space too. Love the desktop paper trimmer. I use it EVERY time I'm working on something. I tend to use severeal different types of containers for embellishments. Here you can see some antique flower pots, dishes, and a muffin tin on my desk. I also love old enamel containers. I recently found the pale yellow one (right above the paper trimmer) and use it to hold pieces for whatever is currently in the works.

Hello Edward! ...Some of my favorite and most useful items are in this picture. The white plastic drawers are Sterilite from Target. $34.99 each. (More on them below) Sitting on top of the drawers is a Clip It Up hanging storage unit by Simply Renee. This is new to my room and I am in LOVE. Above that, you will find my method of photo organization: Cropper Hopper photo cases. They are made for archival purposes and are acid free. They come with dividers and acid-free plastic envelopes. I have two large cases (one holds 2000 4x6 photos) for all of our family events and I purchased two small cases (one holds 864 4x6 photos)...one for each kiddo.

These Sterilite sets have seven drawers each and stack easily (I have four in my closet). Inside you'll find the majority of my embellishments including stickers, alphabets, stencils, sewing items, clear stamps, ink pads, adhesives, and several miscellaneous items.

On the other side of my closet is a shelf unit from the children's storage section of IKEA. We originally bought this for Logan's room and it didn't fit, so I swiped it! Sitting on top, are two enamel containers with lids and two cardboard storage boxes from...can you guess...IKEA. Couldn't pass them up at $5.99 for the two pack. They are currently storing Logan and Carter's memories: artwork, birthday cards, awards, etc. Oh...and there's my ancient sewing machine in the corner.

This unit (mentioned above) is great for storing all my stamps sets and punches.

Yet another IKEA find...the Expedit bookcase is the perfect place for my 12x12 paper trays and my large albums. Most shelving units either don't have the height or the depth for such storage. The brown metal lockers are from Pottery Barn Teen. The bottom shelves have cardboard magazine holders from IKEA. The hot pink fabric basket is Itso brand from Target. It holds all my ribbons and twine.

And last, but not least...this was an amazing garage sale find. Orignally from Pottery Barn, I scooped up this wall unit for ten bucks. It is filled with vintage jars that hold all my brads, buttons, and more.

So there it is...my room and the storage solutions I have come up with. If it seems overwhelming, I would like to point out that this project has been seven years in the making. I have obtained these items over time and pulled it all together. Typically, I try to make one 'larger' purchase each year (usually as a gift for my birthday or Christmas). It will not happen overnight, but hopefully I've inspired someone to get organized!


  1. I am so jealous! I can't wait to have my own scrapbook room someday!

  2. @Becky: I know...I am a very lucky girl. I guess with 3 men in the house, it is my escape. My version of a mancave, if you will!

  3. ha ha...you benefit from my hyper-organization on a daily basis, husband dear!