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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Crazy. Wild. Reckless. Vamptastic.

Here's a glimpse at the fangtastic costume party we threw last year!

We were a little late to the game as far as Twilight is concerned. Our obsession began Spring 2009, long after the completion of the series, and even after the DVD release of the first movie. We both thought, "Eh, not really for us. Not into the whole vampire thing. Not too into sci-fi. This is kid stuff...Or dork stuff." (Well, are we being honest, or aren't we?)

And then it happened...Sarah read the first book and felt like she'd been struck by lightning. Sparkly-vampire-lightning. Lindsay took the bait soon afterwards (because Sarah kept saying, "Twilight is HOT") and before long we both finished the series in record-breaking, post-baby reading time. Bitten by Twilight.  **This is where we must give a shout out to Twi-crazy friend Jenn, who knew we'd love Twilight long before we did, but was oh-so-patient waiting for us to get on board.  Thanks Jenn!!**  Lindsay has been Team Edward from day one, Sarah waffled a lot but always leaned in the direction of Team Jacob. So what do you do when all of your friends are obsessed with a fictional saga, and Halloween is conveniently drawing near? Host a theme costume party, of course!

[SPOILER ALERT!!] If you have not finished the series, some party ideas and pictures may give away plotlines...

Throw your own Twilight party in 10 easy steps.
Step 1: Buy an apple corer and white tapers. This was a super simple way to include the book cover art in our decorations.

Step 2: Buy some Vampire wine (we got ours at Cost Plus World Market) and bring along any books, games, etc. featuring Twilight.

Step 3: Gotta have blood red velvet cupcakes! Sarah's fabulous baking skills made these yummy treats happen! You can find recipes here and here.

Step 4: Lots of red & black. More apples. A pretty centerpiece (found in the Target Halloween aisle). Twilight chocolates from our trip to Forks. Lots of candles. If you want paper party supplies, they're available too!

Step 5: 'Blood' jello shots. Labels read: "Type O Negative. Take one at a time, as needed. 1 0f 4 refills. Dr. Cullen".

Step 6: Twilight word magnets (also purchased at Dazzled By Twilight). This was a lot of fun.

Step 7: Buy someone whose birthday is conveniently close to Halloween a life-sized Edward so he can join the party! *Side note: Edward now resides in Lindsay's scrap room...and...we didn't fix our red eyes in this picture on purpose. tee hee.

Step 8: Purchase the movie specials by People Magazine or UsWeekly (whatever is current on the newstands) for pics and posters to hang around the house. ATTN TEAM EDWARD: please notice who graces the cover of both issues! Grrrrrrr.

Step 9: Brainstorm a fabulous costume...our party included Baseball Edward, Prom Bella, Italy Edward, Forks, Sam Uley & Emily Young, Honeymoon Bella, and First-hunt Bella.
Making First-hunt Bella was fun, you have to get creative! Sarah found an ice-blue frock at Goodwill in perfect condition and proceeded to drag it through the blackberry brambles outside her house. She sewed in some twigs and weeds and pinned some in her hair that night also, to really give off a "just got done chasing down wild game" vibe.

Lindsay wore a mens dress shirt as Honeymoon Bella. She hot-glued feathers all over the shirt and pinned them in her wig. Dan helped created bruises on her arms, face, and chest with yellow, burgandy, and navy eye shadow. "Why am I covered in feathers and bruises?"
Step 10: Gather a group of rowdy twi-hards who share your obsession and party!

We found some great ideas from Hostessblog.com and downloaded 5x7 quotes which we posted all over the house.

The great idea that wasn't meant to be: Jones Soda released Halloween flavors in years past and we really wanted this one but never found it for sale anywhere.  Maybe you'll run across some!

Have fun hosting your Twilight party!

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