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Monday, October 4, 2010

You've Got Mail...Kids!

Seriously! Here's something that I am doing to preserve the everyday, silly memories that maybe wouldn't have a place in (or ever make it to) the baby book.

I opened a gmail account for both Logan and Carter (gmail accounts are free).

I know it sounds strange that my babies have email accounts, but it works! Whenever we have a funny day or they say or do something that makes me smile and think, "I don't want to forget that", I email a quick note. No one else has the email address and I don't do it daily. But, just think how often you are sitting at your email vs. pulling out the baby book. I also find that it is more representative of my speaking voice when I tell stories about them rather than small blurbs written in the tiny spaces of a baby book.

I started this almost two years ago and Logan currently has about 11 emails from me and Carter has 5, so it is not CRAZY time consuming, but it is a way to keep those little memories intact for one tired mama. Haven't decided if/when I will print them...make a book...I don't know? I have faith in gmail that they are safe for the moment until I decide what to do with them.

Samples of what I say to my kids over email (tired mama typos and all):

To Logan:

To Carter:

Definitely something to try!

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