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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Joyeux Kitchen: One Weekend, Two Desserts

The inner marshmallow layer.  It tastes even better than it looks.  There is nothing like homemade marshmallow fluff.
Mom and Dad celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary over the weekend, and to celebrate, I baked up these tasty little treats from Gale Gand over at the Food Network.  I think the sheet pan I used may have been too small, I didn't measure, and as a result there's cake batter all over my oven.  Might have to take care of it tomorrow unless I can think of recipes that don't require baking for the rest of the week :).  Anyway, it's the most moist (moistest?), richest chocolate cake I've ever made, sandwiched with a layer of homemade marshmallow fluff, and topped with a hand-piped marshmallow heart and edible yellow sparkles.  (I substituted yellow for the red because Mom and Dad's wedding colors were yellow and brown!)  I'm being terribly lazy by not typing in the recipe, but you're all very capable computer users--click the link and follow Gale's directions very carefully.

My own spin on Bakerella's genius Cake Pops, which are a spin-off of her Cake Balls.  If you haven't at least made the balls yet, you're missing out.  So easy.  Sooooo good.  To make this variation I used a Wilton Daisy silicone mold.  (The link actually goes to the Christmas tree mold, which is adorable and would make a cute little Christmas project.)  I packed cake ball dough into the mold, stuck the sticks in, and popped them in the freezer to firm up.  Then I dipped 'em in melted white Baker's chocolate (dyed yellow) and sprinkled with edible gold stars.  I poked the sticks into florist's foam (wrapped in black wrapping paper) to keep them upright.  Keep frozen until ready to serve.  (The cake ball dough doesn't freeze solid so they'll be perfect straight out of the freezer.)

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