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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Five Favorites [In My House]

My small-ish collection of Fiesta dinnerware. I registered for random vases and platters in three colors when we got married and have picked up several pieces from garage sales and as gifts over the years. We use it for parties and big family dinners.

Found these AMAZING vintage tin ceiling tiles in a shop in Aurora, Oregon (adorable little antiques town you should definitely visit sometime) called Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage. The tiles are about 24x24 inches and reside in our formal dining (which is currently masquerading as a playroom).

This was my husband's gift to me after the birth of our second son! I suppose he knew there were lots of grass stains in my future. LOVING the red, which is outside the realm of typical Lindsay color choice. Maybe I was feeling sassy? And, they sing a little song when the load is finished. (LG Brand)

Our family photo collage now features two adorable little men! So happy with how this came together. Thanks, again, to my husband for his measuring/mathematical skills. Favorite item: matching Pottery Barn Silver Leaf First Year Frames.
*The pillow covers were $2.50 each on clearance at Target. Always watch the end caps. For $12.50, I added the pop of color our family room so desperately needed!

Pottery Barn again. If I am being honest, I can't afford to decorate my whole house in Pottery Barn and that is probably why the few items I have splurged on made the five favorites cut! This 'Daily System' is fabulous (and they have added several more options since we purchased it a couple years ago). Keeps us all organized and sits above the family computer in the den.

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  1. Thank you so much for mentioning us on your blog! We are also on facebook where we post lots of decorating ideas! Thanks again, Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage