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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Green Bunny: December Daily - It's Finished!

Here it is! My 2010 December Daily album is finished. And, as always, several things changed along the way. Such a fun project. I posted the first 12 days in mid-December here, in case you missed it. Starting with Day 13 today:

Day 13: I decided to list some of the current news happening locally and around the world. Always fun to look back at that kind of stuff several years later and say, "Oh yeah, I remember that!"

Day 14: Our tradition of Starbucks and lights on one side and a pretty card I've been hanging on to saying, "I'll do something with this some day" on the other. The mini Starbucks logo is from a small sample cup.

Day 15: Just a couple things around the house. I used my label maker to create the words.
Day 16: Logan's Preschool Program. I wanted to include the handout, but it was really big. I cut down the width and folded it in half to create a "lift here" tab. Then just added a photo on top.

Day 17: Completely lifted this journaling idea from Ali Edwards' blog. Loving the way she expressed her joy for the season. Followed suit with a list of my own (pictured below).
Day 18: I was out shopping all day and left Dan in charge of DD pics. He took this one of the boys hanging out in matching PJs. So sweet. (This is a cropped Heidi Swapp transparency.)

Day 19: Just another look at something in our home at Christmastime...

Day 20: Was a day of wrapping gifts!
Day 21: Our letters to Santa. I punched holes in an envelope and added it right in to the album. Slipped the letters inside along with Logan's map from the North Pole to our house (pictured below).

Day 22: Here is one of those 'moments' I've been talking about. Just before bedtime I gave Carter a cup of water and he plopped down right next to the island in the kitchen to take a drink. Logan was standing by and decided to plop down right next to him. Becoming little buddies!
Day 23: This is one of the 4x4 acrylic pages. I journaled right on the dark sky in the photo using Photoshop. Then, I adhered the photo to an Elle's Studio journaling card (discontinued, but similar to this).

Day 25: This is the page I added using a thick piece of cardstock to create a folder that opens out (pictured below) knowing there would be more than one Christmas morning photo I would want to use. I printed the pics on one matte photo paper page so it would crease and fold easily with the cardstock.

Day 26: I was only going to do 25 days, but at our second Christmas dinner on the 26th, Logan ended up in the ER (bit through his bottom lip while playing with his cousins). Had to be documented...

Extras: I cut a 6x12 divided page protector that had spots for three 4x6 photos to create small pockets for extra 'stuff' Again, used the Crop-a-Dile to punch my holes and added little bits and pieces. I love looking back at how things change and thought it would be fun to include tags, packaging, a coffee sleeve, etc. from Christmas 2010. The second sleeve has a couple of the boys' drawings and Logan's first hand-written Christmas tag to us (from preschool).

Hoping I've inspired some of you to join me in creating a December Daily for 2011!


  1. Cute DD. Mine's almost finished too- yay! I love the map from the North Pole to your house- too cute!

  2. @ Lou: Thanks! I just started following your blog so I can take a look at yours too. The North Pole map was all him. He was just drawing and I asked what it was a picture of and he told me. I quickly swiped it up when he was finished and added it to my DD stack!