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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A January Moment

Last night, after putting Carter to bed, I asked my four-year-old if he wanted to workout with mama (my husband was at a late meeting). Logan replied with an enthusiastic "YES!" mainly because he loves the exercise balls and resistance bands that come along with my workout. I've been doing something called, "Mommy Muscle" by Stroller Fit that is basically pilates, but is designed for women recovering from C-section. It is awesome!

In the past, I have put off my workout until the babies are in bed because, ineveitably, once an adult is on the floor in our house it means wrestle time...and that includes our dog wanting to play, too. For whatever reason, I thought I'd give it a shot. Logan was hilarious! He did the first 3 or 4 exercises right next to me with an incredibly serious look on his face...ball between his feet...feet up in the air...

It started going downhill from there.

Our dog was licking my fingers as I did my V sit. I was in plank position and, all of a sudden, Logan sat right on my butt. OUCH! Immediate belly flop to the floor. Starting to get frustrated now. I put the dog out and asked Logan to give mama some space so I could finish my exercise. He started trying to throw the ball "over mama" (and hit me in the face a couple times). So, here I am holding a side plank on my elbow, wishing I would die and thinking, "I can do this...I CAN'T do this...let's focus on a flat stomach...when will this be over..." A small, ADORABLE, smiling face popped through the hole under my armpit and said, "Go mama!"

I laughed and fell on top of him. He laughed. We wrestled. We played. He gave me a big kiss and said he was proud of me.

What a little man! And, what a moment.

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